Monday, July 26, 2010

Breaking Point

In all the years I have been walking along the beach, watching the waves as they break... I only noticed it today! For the first time ever!  Right as the waves crash down, and the bigger the crash the better the effect... for a fleeting moment a rainbow appears. I must have taken 30 photos trying to capture it, but it was so elusive. JUST for that moment of time!
Then as I pondered on this, the Holy Spirit reminded me that this is like the Promises of  God in a way. At that breaking  point in your life, when everything comes crashing down around you... even on you... God reveals his precious promises. So that you will know that he is still in control, and you are safe.
It isn't always CRISIS that brings you to the place where you feel your heart will break I have found... Loneliness and even tedium of everyday life can do it too! This rainbow reflects on the tiles of a bathroom I clean regularly. An ordinary bathroom tile in the midst of a tedious unnoticed task. God reminds that He is there too! Shining his grace and love into my brokeness and turning it into something glorious in His sight!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Treasured Possession

If the tide had been different, or I had "parked" my kayak at a slightly different spot, or walked in a straight track along the muddy shore... Then I wouldn't have found it. An old bottle from the 1900's. Once it was an everyday item used to hold "Coffee & Chicory Essence". Being emptied somebody either tossed it overboard or it was indeed the victim of shipwreck. Then for nearly 100 years drifted aimlessly and found itself in the mire... till this day! I only JUST spotted it! And even then didn't realise it was actually worth keeping.
However the thing that I really treasure about this bottle is "the message in it". You may feel like your life is shipwrecked and you are tossed aside, useless and unwanted...up to your neck in the mud! God isn't finished with you yet! He has plans for your life and a purpose (Jeremiah 29:11). One day you'll certainly be gathered up as His treasured possession. My bottle is no longer just a pantry item, but a thing of beauty and admiration. I left it's barnacle in place as a medal of honour that it survived unbroken and intact despite the years of hardship!
JOB 5:11
He places lowly people up high. He lifts those who mourn to safety. 
I do not think I  "found" this treasure, but that it was "gifted" to me from my Father!